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Why singaporeans are rated so low in courtesy.

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To everyone who has successfully walked through Ramadhan without any excuses,

to everyone who I know actually made up lame excuses to reduce their days of fasting

to everyone who likes astronomy especially during Ramadhan

to everyone who i don't bother to know more other than their face or nickname,

to everyone who knows me but i don't know who you are (i'm with you)

to everyone on the top deck of 65 ,

to every stone-faced mormons who can't even take up the challenge of fasting for like, a week and still want to be part of this joyous celebration

to that hobo who shopped at 2nd Chance and stole the outfit that i wanted

to the people at Anna Nucci shoe store

to the guy whose phone number now belongs to some minah

to Noor Suriya for sending a hard copy of a Hari Raya card from Cairo,

to all the friends that I've annoyed endlessly (and will still do this because...I'm tin)

to all the friends who want to severe any friendship which I'm a part of,

and to everyone who really tried to make the best out of Ramadhan ibadah-wise,


I wanted to put some lame poem about Labu Labi cuci strawberi but yeah, I didn't think it was funny at all.

Please take care of yourself, don't drink too much carbonated stuff this Raya and don't forget to remove your make-up before you perform your prayers.


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the bus life

Time : 0645 pm, on the way to school.

It was rather unusual that day.

For some reason 80% of 65's top deck seats were filled with Malays.

Bald and colourful scarf-headed uncles and aunties.

Some men in dark blue uniform yabbering about how their superintendent drank contaminated water yet surviving after that. Another one of Singapore's iron-stomached heroes born in the very uninteresting barracks of the Singapore Civil Defense.

Some punks holding on to their bubble teas in transparent plastic bags, being unusually quiet. Streaked and windblown hair, striped shirts, wiry spectacle frames, heavily studded belts holding up untraditional pants.

Generation Checkered Underpants and Converse. And to think some people don't dig Mr Spongebob Squarepants.

Some children singing the "Kain langsir ela ela, nenek rambot puteh~ datok janggot merah~" song. the spirit of Raya running high inside their young blood.

America's Funniest Animals did its 100th rerun on TVMobile.

I made up my mind that throughout Ramadhan, everywhere in Singapore is going to look like Geylang Serai.

I tuned into Warna Sembilan Empat Perpuluhan Dua Eff Em on my MP3 when it was 0655.

time : 0658PM. The adzhan came on for break fast.
Obviously, my MP3 player didn't have speakers.

I uncapped my Coke and took a swig of it, being nonchalant, being so as-a-matter-of-factly.

Suddenly heads turned around to look at me.
Questioning eyes zoomed into focus.
Some pencilled eyebrows were rising steadily.

Immediate universal thingking by the public : AREN'T YOU FASTING WOMAN?

I blinked, realizing what this looked like.

"Errr..." I said to the entire top deck of 65, rising my voice over the automated laughter coming from TVMobile.

"Korang, dah AZAN."

The blushing public :

"Oh...Ok thanks for telling....heheheh..."

"We thought you were, you know, not fasting..."

"...It was like 'where's your respect for the people who are fasting?' you know...sorry for..."

Instantly it became a joyous occasion of breaking fast together.

Next time, I'll save the people from unnecessary waiting once again.


side note : Birthday present kau heecurry?

Mari kita ramai ramai bacakan Al-fatihah untuk HeeCurry whoseidentityisalreadyexposedbutI'mjustdoingHimaFavourbyNotmentioninghisrealname for his 21st birthday.

the best birthday gift ever

All legal boys and girls please take care of your self and your judgements.

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The bus life

An old uncle stepped into the fairly empty bus.

There were about 19 passengers.

He stopped after tapping his card at the entrance.

And with a huge smile, he waved his hand.

We all waved back.

That's how lovely some Singaporeans are in the morning.

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